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  • GRINDing for NextStep - New England

    GRINDing for NextStep – New England

    One of Merriam-Websters definitions of grind is one who works or studies excessively. This word is quite befitting for a team whose main inspiration comes from a man who would answer the question, “How much sleep do you get every
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  • 28 Days of Spreading Joy 2013 #SpreadJoy365

    28 Days of Spreading Joy 2013 #SpreadJoy365

    Last year, we introduced you to the #SpreadJoy365 movement which is about doing random acts of kindness and spreading joy throughout the world. What made it fun was that as a collective group we all shared in doing the kind
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  • Monthly Cold Shower Challenge

    Monthly Cold Shower Challenge

    Earlier this month you were introduced to the Cold Shower method to help you accomplish any goal that can be measured.  Some of you told me how it’s worked for you and how much it sucks.  But the best part
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