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How to Get Anything You Want

Photo by Josh Torin McKeon

Last night, as I lay in bed, I began thinking about my goals.  Goals that are easy to acquire and goals that seem kind of, well, unattainable.  As I lay in bed, I realized that any goal or anything for that matter is attainable and it comes down to one thing — hard work.

It truly is that simple.  Hard work will get you to any goal that you want.  Work, even in the simplest form will get you closer to what you want.

You may be saying to yourself, “I wish it was only that easy for me to see it like that.”  Stay with me now.  I have an answer for you.

It is just as easy for you, the one who dreams or wishes toward a better life or what you believe will be a better life, as it is for the person who you see accomplishing things all the time.

The difference is just as simple as attaining goals that seem unattainable.  The reasons why you don’t work as hard for goals that you desire is because you are currently comfortable or satisfied with the life you have and mediocrity is the easy route or you aren’t fed up enough with your mediocre life that you have to really take significant action.

People who desire, who really desire change have goals that they want to attain so badly they eat, sleep, and breathe their goal.

I want to break this down into a smaller idea so you can fully grasp how “easy” but with hard work it is to get anything you want.

Think back to a food commercial you saw where the company was advertising something new on the menu.  Think back to how that new pizza or that new burger looked so delicious that you began craving something you’ve never had before.  You knew you wanted to try it.  You kept telling yourself you wanted to try it.  One day, you made your way to the restaurant and purchased that new food item that you’d been desiring.

Our days are made of very simple goals like this everyday.  We complete many goals throughout our day without even thinking about it.  To a child who makes no money, this goal may seem unattainable.  It may be just a little more difficult but with a little hard work they’d be able to earn some cash.  To a working person like yourself though, spending $10 on this meal seemed simple.

Now lets compare this to a goal that seems truly unattainable.  Imagine wanting to play Michael Jordan, considered to be the greatest basketball players ever, in a game of one-on-one.  Yeah right! That’ll never happen!  Don’t tell Kenny Eller that though.

For the last couple of years, Kenny has been perfecting his game for this unattainable chance. So far, Kenny has had two encounters with MJ himself.  Prior to that, none.  He has yet to play Mr. Jordan but that isn’t stopping Kenny from chasing his goals and making it happen.

So what do my two examples have to do with each other?  Both examples had goals that have never been achieved before.  You’ve never had the food item before but desired it and Kenny has never played MJ before but desires to do so.

In the food example, you never thought just because you never had the food item that you couldn’t get it.  It’s readily available at all participating restaurants.  All you needed was the desire/craving, some cash, and a tiny bit of work of getting to the restaurant.

In Kenny’s case, his goal is a one of one.  There’s only one Michael Jordan so attempting to get a game is a little more difficult but not impossible.  Perfecting his game daily, writing his blog, and being at places MJ is are tools that he’s using to make this unattainable goal attainable.

The food item that you never had seemed attainable because you had the tools and the opportunity to get it.  Although Kenny has never played Michael Jordan before he is setting himself up for his shot at being able to do so.  For Kenny, the goal seems just as attainable as you mindlessly thought the food purchase would be.

When you start to realize that anything you want just takes some hard work and your desire to get it overwhelms your body and mind then you’ll see how “easy” it is.  Change your thinking of what’s unattainable like playing Michael Jordan to the kind of thinking you think when buying the food item and the world is yours.

What will it take for you to get tired of living in mediocrity?  What goals do you feel are unattainable to you because the risk it too big or it just seems impossible?  Getting anything you want isn’t easy but putting in hard work will get you anything.  It’s that simple.


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  1. Munchkin says:

    Thanks for that Captain Obvious.

    • John says:

      Thank you for visiting Munchkin. I am happy to hear that you’re not one of the people that find this concept a mystery. But unfortunately, this article was sparked by a couple of tweets I made because someone didn’t find this obvious. A lot of people see where they are now and the end of a goal being either too difficult or want some sort of handout or shortcut along the way to get there. People see others who have attained success and think they got there overnight.

      Think about how people make New Year’s resolutions ever single year on a whim. They want to lose weight. They want to get in shape. They want to quit smoking. These are very common goals every single year. Some reason though, people quit every year. Hard work at the beginning of each year is often disguised as optimism. Positiveness fuels most people for the first three months. Most people are completely off track from their New Year’s resolution by March. The hard work part of the equation to get to the goal is often overlooked because dedicating yourself to a goal that you don’t wholeheartedly commit yourself to is reason for people to give up so quickly.

      Hard work may seem like an obvious concept for some but I obviously wrote this article for a reason. Partly as a reminder to some, partly as a wake up to people who think there’s some sort of secret to success, and partly because I wanted to elaborate on my tweets. So think of this article as a there is no secret to success post and hard work is what it obviously takes.

  2. Amit says:

    Hard work is hard.

    Looking from the outside in, I’ve done some things which seem like they must have required lots of hard work. But from the inside, it wasn’t hard work – it was a combination of conscientiousness, learned industriousness, social pressure, etc…

    Sadly, the strongest elements tend to be social pressure (e.g. I can do great work at a job, because it’s expected of me). This is sad, because the type of work expected during a job… is not what is most important.

    In other words, I’ve yet to work truly hard on a goal of my own setting – culturization is a powerful beast (e.g. I ‘easily’ spent hundreds of hours studying, because my parents and teachers expected it… but getting myself to meditate is always a challenge).

    • John says:

      Very true Amit. A very simple concept but it is very tough to do. If you do it day in and day out then I believe that results will appear.

      As for you, I think you are on your way to working truly hard in your own goals. If your site is any reflection of the person you are then it’s very apparent that you are about to embark on a journey that you truly enjoy. If it results that you’re waiting for to really set out on it then let me be the one to say you already appear to be successful in the blog world. You get comments regularly, you post amazing articles, and I think you found YOUR niche. Just keep doing it and I feel that what appears to be hard work to others will feel like a hobby to you. You’re going to want to do more of it because you enjoy it so much. It’ll be hard work but it just won’t feel like it.

  3. [...] the excitement begins to wear off and you find that your goal is going to take a lot of hard work.  You begin to allow little distractions to take over your time that you hadn’t in a while [...]

  4. Janiejane says:

    I used to believe this but I don’t any more. Some things just dont’t happen no matter how hard you work for them. I have worked very hard in order to reach many goals in my life, some I have achieved, others I have not. What you do and how hard you work is in your control, actually achieving your goal is not.

    • John says:

      Janiejane, many of us have felt like giving up especially when we think we put in hard work day in and day out. We think after many years that we should be there by now. But imagine that day you gave up is the day that your goal was going to be realized. One of my favorite motivational speakers, Eric Thomas, has spoken on almost being there many times. If you have some time, I have added a few videos for you to take a look at to help you believe in your goals again.

      Interested, Committed, or Fully Committed
      Pain is Temporary

      I’m not sure how much work you’ve put in but just through my personal experience I know things can be done even when it’s seems like it can’t. Even goals like finding love, because I can’t control someone else’s emotions, seemed like it was eluding me. Remember the post of “Enjoying the Journey” and hopefully that you get you back on track to believing hard work pays off.

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