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Monthly Cold Shower Challenge


Earlier this month you were introduced to the Cold Shower method to help you accomplish any goal that can be measured.  Some of you told me how it’s worked for you and how much it sucks.  But the best part is that it does keep you accountable everyday towards achieving a life that once seemed unattainable.

To build on that post, I wanted to introduce you to the same method but an accountability group that we can do together monthly.  This group meets on Facebook in The Unattainable Life Cold Shower Challenge Group to share our monthly goals, receive encouragement, and add an additional point of accountability.

Each month we will create one and no more than two goals that seems almost unachievable but if you actually applied yourself could just possibly happen.  Your goal will need to be very specific.  It will need to include an intention (specific goal you want to attain), the action you’re going to take daily to achieve it, and an end date (which will be the end of the month for each of us).

Some examples of a correct goal would look like this:

I want to lost 10 pounds by eating natural foods and cutting my sugar by January 31st.

I want to save $400 by setting aside 10% of my full-time paycheck, selling unwanted items, and getting a part-time job by January 31st.  I must set aside some money each day somehow without saving a little from the previous day to compensate for the day before.

See, each goal is detailed and specific, tells how it’s going to be accomplished, and has an end date.

Just like in the last post this method is ONLY for those who will not accept any excuses from themselves.  At the end of each day you must answer one simple question, “Did I complete my goal for today?”

If the answer is yes then you’re safe for today.  If you answer no then your next shower is a cold one.

Will you join me and other TUL’ers in the Monthly Cold Shower Challenge?  Do you have any questions about this method?  I would love to answer them.



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